1. well then….

  2. i’m in me mum’s car BRUM BRUM #skeleton #car

  3. goddamn i miss being in your car marena

  5. i have pretty plaits in my pretty hair :3 #nofilter #pinkhair #purple hair #me

  7. fancy cider that isn’t as nice as its cracked up to be dot com (at Roebuck Inn)

  9. (Source: u36a, via architectureofdoom)

  11. this is Sid, my baby.

  13. bright lights, big city #me #nyc #timessquare #lgbtqtravellers

  14. i have had a pretty freaking amazing time with this beautiful girl in america. its so sad to leave but i will definitely be back ❤❤❤

  15. hella cute day in nyc (at South Seaport Manhattan, NY)